Skimama Passover

Skimama Hannukah

What Is Skimama?

It’s going to be a wild and unforgettable week: skiing, snowboarding, tours, social activities, and extreme sports with friends from Israel and all over the world,
along with the most experienced Camp Kimama counselors.
Between 50-150 Kimama campers will spend the week together learning how to ski (each according to their personal level, from Beginners to Advanced). The camp will be held under close supervision of Kimama’s experienced and trusted counselors, together with the local licensed team of English-speaking ski and snowboard instructors.
The camp is open to campers grades 1-12. The program consists of five full days of skiing (morning to afternoon) and a day of touring. Each day, after the skiing session is over, campers go back to the guest house, shower, and get ready for Kimama’s social activities – special night programs,
a tour of the nearby village, Kabbalat Shabbat, sports competitions, a movie, a trip to heated pools and much more!
The Camp Kimama management and the most experienced counselors from past summers will be joining Skimama. All staff have been carefully selected by the Kimama management. The team consists of senior counselors (who have been with Kimama for at least 2 years) that are between the ages 23-30.
The staff will be with the campers 24 hours a day. During the ski hours, professional local ski instructors will join the group.