Safety And Security

When it comes to safety and security at Camp Kimama, there are no compromises! We give this issue top priority. Camp Kimama is located in a safe and protected area, far from urban centers, in a closed village with meticulous and orderly safety regulations.

The village is fenced, gated and, patrolled by professional security personnel who monitor all the pedestrians and vehicles entering and leaving the facility.

We are committed to complying with the safety regulations determined by the government of Israel, as they appear in the policy of the Ministry of Education. The ministry has the authority to determine the regulations pertaining to the security of educational institutions, and it lays down very clear and strict rules.
Our license from the Ministry of Education to operate Camp Kimama in a state-owned facility indicates our full compliance with the safety and security requirements.

We prioritize safety before all other matters. Camp Kimama staff will necessarily prohibit any camper who wishes to participate in an activity that endangers his or her safety and/or breaks any of the safety regulations.
As part of the staff training, we devote a full and separate section to safety procedures. The camp is staffed 24 hours a day by people trained and authorized to deal with issues of safety, such as a security officer, clinical staff and safety manager.

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