Visual Arts Track

The hottest trend of the Art world is coming to camp.
Eco-art is a fast growing trend and a major part of the environmental awareness movement
We at Camp Kimama are excited to open a track that will allow your children the opportunity to work with unusual materials, and learn a variety of design methods and techniques. Campers will be able to take home amazing and useful products that they have made themselves. Each session will be focusing on experiments with different materials.

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Program Outline

1st Meeting Eco Basket Workshop
In this workshop we will learn the materialistic properties of the tyre and practice using it in different ways within a multistep process. These processes include cutting, painting, drilling and connecting, as well as personalizing according to the individual tastes of the campers. Every camper will leave this workshop with two unique baskets, which have made to their own personal style

2nd Meeting Recycled Tyres Workshop
In collaboration with “Studio Simple Design” – Oshrat Goren
During this process campers will explore different materials, learn the basics of upholstery and cutting techniques, as well as painting and renewing used materials including screws and bolts with recycled tyres. Each camper will be able to take home an upholstered mobile bench or chair, made from tyres and designed to each camper’s personal taste

3rd Meeting Photographs on Wood Workshop
We will learn an easy technique for transferring photographs onto wooden materials. During the process campers will choose a recycled wooden surface, explore renovated materials and adhesives, as well as learning how to preserve materials and different types of varnishes. We will learn to carry out “manipulation” of photographs using watercolors, markers and pencils. Each camper will leave this workshop with a personalized photograph printed on a recycled wooden surface

4th Meeting REMAKE – Kimama Experience with Recycled Paper
We will learn the different stages of making paper from recycled paper. As well as the technique of Papier- mache, shredding paper and incorporating leaves, seeds and flowers. Each participant will be given the chance to design their own personalized collage including their experiences from camp as well as photographs which they will have taken throughout the track. The collage will be presented in a framed picture

5th Meeting Surprise Workshop

Li-Ron Paz

Environmental artist creates useful items from unconventional recycled materials.
Visual arts graduate of Bezalel.
For many years, Liron traveled to the US summer camps for the Jewish Agency and conducted the Art specialty at camp.

The Experience

Camp Kimama
Camp Kimama is the first and the largest international summer camp held in Israel, with thousands of participants each year, ages 7-17, from 40 different countries from around the world. Kimama also has different trips throughout the year.

?What we offer you
A unique experience in which you’ll encounter new cultures, languages and worlds; acquire knowledge and expertise in fields that interest you; meet youth from Israel and from all over the world; and forge special friendships that will be with you for life. Activities at Camp Kimama are run in Hebrew and in English, and we have counselors from all over the world who can help with other languages, too.
All of these are integrated in the educational activity, with an emphasis on values such as independence, leadership, personal development and empowerment. We believe that every participant has talent and ability that may be developed. We’ll find your strengths and help you to express them.
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