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In Camp Kimama, we believe that each camper has a special talent or ability that can be fostered. Our camps combine social and educational activities with the benefits of professional tracks in different fields, taught by professional counselors and instructors. Each camper chooses a track and enjoys 5 different meetings, during which he or she can learn and develop their unique talent!

Camp Kimama, “Hagel Sheli” from Kimama Carmel and the “Sport Academy” from Kimama Michmoret, invite you to enter a fascinating and stimulating world of wave surfing!
This program is tailored to teach kids how to surf safely and enjoyably, while emphasizing independence in the water, good judgment, and a basic understanding of the sea environment. Along with practical surfing experience, the course includes enrichment sessions on many marine-related topics, including the basics of lifesaving, currents, tides, and climate.

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Program Outline

1st Meeting Familiarizing oneself with the program, the counselors, the group and the shore. A review of safety rules and coordinating expectations. First entry into the water + practicing the dolphin dive.Stability on the surfboard and learning to paddle

2nd Meeting Theory – The parts of the surfboard, the wave break line, lying on the surfboard properly. Practicing the pop-up (the proper way to jump up on the surfboard). First experience with surfing – practicing posture, paddling and catching waves with the counselors’ help. Equipment maintenance

3rd Meeting Special surfing warm-ups. Posture exercises. First try at standing on the surfboard. Marine enrichment – A surfer’s personal story. Positioning oneself in the line-up. Practice standing on the surfboard. Learning to sit on the surfboard and quickly turn toward the wave.  Agility and sprint exercises. Marine enrichment: Tides

4th Meeting Part A: Outdoor training-team building activity. Coping with personal challenges, each at his own level. Practice standing on the surfboard and maintaining one’s posture. Marine enrichment: The compass card and the effect of wind on the Israeli sea. Lifesaving – How to rescue someone safely. Practical lifesaving exercises with the surfboard and without a life preserver.
Part B: In-depth focus on proper surfboard stance Theory session: How to catch the wave at the right place and time. Exercises to improve coordination. Marine enrichment: The history of surfing in Israel and the world. Sports nutrition – what’s best to eat before and after training? General recommendations for healthy eating.

5th Meeting Part A: Waking up at sunrise-leaving you with a crazy surfing experience. Practicing technique and proper posture on the surfboard (center of gravity, turning your head, knees, and foot placement). First exercise in catching a wave before it breaks (green wave). Independent surfing from the line-up, with feedback from the counselors. Marine enrichment: Understanding the structure of a wave, its fast and slow parts and the forces encountered by the surfer
Part B: Identifying and assessing the wave-break direction in advance (which wave does it pay for me to catch, and in which direction?). First try at catching the shoulder – surfing across the wave, rather than riding it toward shore. Summary of the experience and concluding with new insights into surfing – and life. Surfing course certificates are presented to participants

“Hagal Sheli” – Kimama Galim

4 years ago Omar Tulchinski and Yaron Waxman, educators and lovers of the sea, established “Hagal Sheli” (My wave) youth movement. They both have a BA in Democratic Education and a Teaching certificate and studded MBA in Educational system. They also studied advanced studies for surfing instructors and rescuers. They were connected during collage and their love for children and the sea, brought them to establish “Hagal Sheli”- surfing youth for teenagers.
Today, the organization works with 35 groups, 32 surfing instructors and not less than 350 at-risk youth in four centers in Israel- Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Mevo’ot Yam and Kfar Galim. “Hagal Sheli” believe that surfing is an extreme sport that combines learning and experimentation. The main idea behind the program is to use surfing as a tool for personal development. The experience at sea allows an empowering experience and has implications for all aspects of life. Dealing with waves, weather, falling down and standing back up on the board, teaching the children not to give up, perseverance and working hard. The students learn not only how to be a good surfer, but also about themselves and the strengths inherent in them.

“Sport Academy” – Kimama Michmoret

The “Sport Academy” was established to provide education and athletic way of life for all lovers of surfing and the sea. Sports Academy “believe that surfing and water sports is a way of life. It is a platform for therapeutic, quality physical activity for all ages and a healthy way of life for body and soul and a great contribution to the development of the child, both physical and mental. With the right energy, professional knowledge and proper instructors anyone, can find peace, fulfillment and balance that the sea gives.
The director of the Sport Academy is Tal Machuro, a former Olympic windsurfer who won the European Championships in 2000.  He worked 10 years as a coach and manager of surf clubs around the country, and decided to open his own club.
Noa Botser, former Olympic Sailor founded together with Tal the Surf Academy club, which provides a home to hundreds of children, youth and adult surfers and lovers of the sea.Today Sport Academy has three surf clubs around the country:
Surf club Neurim, the surf club VIEW, and a partner in the Israeli-surf club in Tel Aviv. Sport Academy educates thousands of children and youth Surf Academy – it’s a Wave Of Life

The Experience

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Camp Kimama
Camp Kimama is the first and the largest international summer camp held in Israel, with thousands of participants each year, ages 7-17, from 40 different countries from around the world. Kimama also has different trips throughout the year.

?What we offer you
A unique experience in which you’ll encounter new cultures, languages and worlds; acquire knowledge and expertise in fields that interest you; meet youth from Israel and from all over the world; and forge special friendships that will be with you for life. Activities at Camp Kimama are run in Hebrew and in English, and we have counselors from all over the world who can help with other languages, too.
All of these are integrated in the educational activity, with an emphasis on values such as independence, leadership, personal development and empowerment. We believe that every participant has talent and ability that may be developed. We’ll find your strengths and help you to express them.
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