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At Kimama we believe that each camper has a special talent or ability that can be fostered. Our camps combine social and educational activities with the benefits of professional tracks in different fields, taught by professional counselors and instructors. Each camper chooses a track and enjoys five 4-hour sessions, during which he or she can learn and develop that unique talent!

Camp Kimama Michmoret and the “Mevo’ot Yam youth village” invites  you to enter a fascinating and stimulating world of Sailing!
This program is tailored to teach campers how to sail safely and enjoyably, while emphasizing independence in the water, sensible judgment, and a basic understanding of the sea environment. Along with practical surfing experience, the course includes enrichment sessions on many marine-related topics, including the basics of lifesaving, currents, tides, and climate.

The main purpose of the Sailing track is to teach our young sailors safe judgment and basic understanding of the water environment. During the course, we will have practical experience, basic rules in rescue, streams, the structure of the boat, how to prepare the boat, and what is a correct exit and entry.

Track Details

Available For Graduates Of 1st-6th Grades

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Program Outline

1st Meeting  Putting a boat together, dismantling and construction. Structure of the sail and the boat equipment

2nd Meeting Rising of the winds, limitations of sailing

3rf Meeting Rules. Proper disembarking and embarking

4tth Meeting Turning and capsizing

5th Meeting Sailing competitions

Sailing Track Instructors

The program in Kimama Michmoret is directed by “Mevo’ot Yam” youth village.
The professional instructors offer meaningful study and powerful experience.

The Experience

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