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This summer, Kimama and the Israeli Food Channel invites you to learn culinary secrets from Israel’s best chefs.
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The “Kimama Chef” track invites you to experiment with cooking and baking at the highest of levels. You will face challenges, acquire skills and meet task deadlines, all of which will enhance your self-confidence and teamwork. The best chefs from the Food Channel will give the workshop.
Today’s children and youth are no longer satisfied with schnitzel and fries. They know about food, they understand menus and take an interest in cooking and baking from a young age. In order to meet these growing demands and provide children with professional, safe and enjoyable tools for working in the kitchen, the Food Channel will provide cooking classes at Camp Kimama. This will turn your summer into a culinary experience of a lifetime.
The workshops will be given by chefs and confectioners from the Food Channel, who will share tips and trade secrets. They will instruct them on the basic fundamentals of cooking and baking.
Each workshop will focus on a different subject, allowing the participants to experience a wide variety of recipes and to return home with tools for their first steps in the kitchen.
The workshops will be hands-on and experiential in nature whereby participants will practice preparing foods. In the end of each workshop, they will get to taste the dish they worked on during the workshop.
Workshop topics will be diverse and reflect the Israeli cuisine and its culture.

*This track has an additional fee.

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Program Outline

Israeli Summer workshop with Chef Ayala Aroch Participants will learn the basics in the kitchen. They will work with local ingredients; prepare refreshing Israeli summer recipes such as muesli, sambusac, finely chopped fresh salad, malabi with cardamom and raspberry.

Chocolate Workshop with confectioner Meirav Shiner Participants will become familiar with the sweetest raw materials. They will learn how to work with chocolate (tempering, melting, decorating), and prepare indulgent chocolate recipes. Recipes will include Cookielida chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream, chocolate crepes with raspberry sauce, and more.

Tishrei Holidays Workshop with Chef Haim Salmon In anticipation of the holidays, participants will learn recipes with raw material using the characteristics of the holidays (pomegranates, apples, honey, etc.) and be able to contribute to the upcoming holiday meals. Some of the recipes they will learn include pullet stuffed with rice and dried fruits, bulgur salad with herbs and pomegranate, chocolate soufflé and more.

Italian Cuisine Workshop with Chef Keren Anav Participants will have a glimpse at an Italian kitchen, work with local ingredients related to this tasty cuisine and  learn recipes such as Mediterranean pizza, sweet potato filled ravioli, tiramisu, and more.

Mediterranean Cooking Workshop with Chef Avi Bitton Participants will have a glimpse at the local cuisine and prepare typical Mediterranean dishes with one of the Food Channel’s top chefs, prepare popular dishes with a gourmet touch and a lot of laughs and tips from the chef.

Kimama Chef Track – In Collaboration With The Israeli Food Channel

The “Kimama Chef” track is a new and unique collaboration between Camp Kimama and the popular Israeli Food Channel (Ananei Tikshoret Channels). In this designated specialization track you will work with the best chefs from the Food Channel in five 4-hours sessions, at the end of which you will receive a “Kimama Chef” certificate signed by the chefs. Good luck, we have no doubt it will be a tasty experience.

The Experience

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