Kimama Canary Islands – A summer camp in the winter time

Camp Overview
This winter, during Hanukkah, Kimama will be returning to the Canary Islands – the only place in Europe where the sun shines year-round. Under the warm sun, between exotic beaches, we’ll hold our first-ever Kimama camp in the Canary Islands. A summer camp – in winter!

Camp Program
A week’s worth of beaches, swimming, surfing, nature, and endless adventure on one of the world’s most magical islands. A combination of beautiful landscapes and rich activity program. The camp is part of Kimama’s ‘Round the World program and is suited to campers aged 7 to 17 (no parents).

Kimama’s Canary Islands camp is joined by Kimama’s management and the most experienced counselors. Our carefully selected staff is made up of seasoned counselors, aged 25–30, who have at least four years’ experience at Kimama’s summer camps. These are the cream of the crop, and they’ll be there to make sure your children have the time of their lives. Counselors are there by our campers’ side 24/7, guiding them through the camp’s activities. For more challenging activities, such as surfing, we’ll be joined by local professional instructors.

The camp’s experienced and attentive staff of counselors will personally make sure that each and every camper is comfortable and content. During the camp, counselors will focus on empowering our campers, boosting their self-esteem, and providing a safe space to express their true selves, all according to Kimama’s tried and true values and traditions.

This year, our own private, Israeli chef will be joining us to allow for a rich and diverse menu to suit all needs.

Sun, sea, snorkeling, surfing, a variety of sea activities (windsurfing, kayaking, SUP and more), beach volleyball, sports, music, arts, competitions, cheer tournaments, whale and dolphin watching, outdoor camping, campfires, shopping, and so much more!

See “activities” tab for more information.

The Campsite
The campsite is located in the center of the island of Gran Canaria, the third-biggest island in the archipelago. The campsite was carefully selected by our management staff to ensure that it meets to Kimama’s high standards.

See “location” tab for more information.

Camp Program

The one week program at Kimama’s Canary Islands camp features all of our beloved activties and traditions, with an emphasis on Empowerment through nature and the sea. The atmosphere at Kimama’s Canary islands camp is friendly and familiar as always, where campers can enjoy a sense of community and make lifelong friendships.
The camp will include a variety of activities from morning to evening, including:

3 days of marine activities at various beaches around the island



Stand up paddle board (SUP)

Giant SUP


Sports activities on the beach

Professional Surfing

A day of surfing activities on the famous Las Cantras beach that hosts international surfing competitions.

Surfing at a local surf school with both local Spanish and International counselors.

Sailing between the Archipelago Islands

We will take a trip between the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, whilst experiencing whale and dolphin watching.

Sand Boarding

We will explore the mass sand dunes of the southern city of Maspalomas , whilst surfing the golden slopes at sunset.

Surfers Party at Sunset

A local beachfront will host us for an unforgettable sunset dinner and party in a tropical atmosphere of a surfers paradise.

Professional Chef Workshop 

Try your hand at being a chef, we will cook together our dinner with some of the tastiest local recipes. The highlight of the meal will be the preparation of a traditional Paella dish in a variety of versions. The workshop will be given by Carlos, a local chef that participates yearly in the Islands International Food Festival.

Additional Activities

Hiking at one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Canary Islands

Kabalat Shabbat on the beach at sunset

Trip to the ancient city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Shopping at the grand mall Las Arenas

Christmas Markets

Rock climbing and rappelling at the center of the island

Coastal navigation

Traditional Kimama Maccabia (Color War)

Social Kimama evening activties

End of camp party and BBQ

The Campsite
The campsite is located in the center of the island of Gran Canaria, the third-biggest island in the archipelago. The campsite was carefully selected by our management staff to ensure that it meets to Kimama’s high standards. Our campsite is spacious, convenient, clean, and well maintained – an ideal spot for a range of fun activities, accessible only to Kimama campers and counselors. The on-site kitchen has been suited for Kimama’s needs and offers a diverse menu of delicious meals and snacks.

Gran Canaria
The island of Gran Canaria offers a medley of breathtaking landscapes, from arid plains to lush vegetation and shimmering beaches. The island’s capital, Las Palmas, is located in its north-eastern region. Las Palmas, the biggest city in the Canary Islands, is a bustling hub of leisure and excitement. It features an inspiring historic neighborhood, filled with authentic museums – like Christopher Columbus’s house, to name just one – alongside vast public parks, lush gardens, and bustling shopping streets. On the southern side of the island, small tourist villages dot island’s enchanting coastline. The area further inland, where we’ll be staying, is peaceful, quiet, and far less touristic.

The island is known around the world for its amazing weather and tall palm trees – it’s not called Las Palmas for nothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price include?
Everything! Flights, transfers, 7 nights full-board, 24/7 guidance, professional counselors, day trips, attractions and activities, educational programming and Kimama activities.

So what will we be doing there?
Activities for kids will run from morning to evening. The program includes educational and adventure activities (suitable for all), as well as the usual Kimama activities (dancing, competitions, cheering, Kabbalat Shabbat, banquet, etc.)

Is this an adventure camp?
We wouldn’t necessary call it that, even though some of the activities could be considered ‘adventure activities’. We have selected activities which will be suitable for all, to take full advantage of the region we will be staying in, as well as its nature and scenery.

Will guiding be in Hebrew or English?
Just as at our ski camps, Kimama youth leaders will accompany us on the trip. Local guides will join us for specific activities and trips. As always at Kimama, the youth leaders will translate and help the campers to understand.

Is Kimama Canary Islands suitable for all ages?
Yes, the camp is suitable for children and young adults of all ages, from 7-17, and they will be divided into groups according to their age.

Who will I share a room with?
The rooms will be divided according to age group. If you have requested to stay with a friend from home, we will accommodate this request. Boys and girls will sleep separately. The Kimama team will sleep in rooms nearby, for the safety and comfort of the children. Each room has an in suite toilet and shower, and meets a high standard.

Should I give my child spending money?
We recommend giving them around €150 ‘spending money’, to use at the airport, on trip days, for souvenirs, etc. We do not recommend giving them much more or much less, so they will not feel left out. On the other hand, please refrain from bringing expensive equipment to the camp. The camp management cannot be held responsible for lost items.

Is it worth it?
Wow, yes! It’s going to be a fantastic camp. We’re already excited, and that’s just from planning it.

 Dates & Fees for winter 2019/20

Dec 22-29, 2019

 9,800 NIS

700 NIS early-bird discount

Price includes round-trip flights to/from Israel*
please contact us directly if your camper is not arriving from Israel

Registration has ended

Camp Location

The Experience

Camp Kimama
Camp Kimama is the first and the largest international summer camp held in Israel, with thousands of participants each year, ages 7-17, from 40 different countries from around the world. Kimama also has different trips throughout the year.

What we offer you?
A unique experience in which you’ll encounter new cultures, languages and worlds; acquire knowledge and expertise in fields that interest you; meet youth from Israel and from all over the world; and forge special friendships that will be with you for life. Activities at Camp Kimama are run in Hebrew and in English, and we have counselors from all over the world who can help with other languages, too.

All of these are integrated in the educational activity, with an emphasis on values such as independence, leadership, personal development and empowerment. We believe that every participant has talent and ability that may be developed. We’ll find your strengths and help you to express them.
See you at camp!