FAQ’s for Israel Camps

My kids do not speak Hebrew; will they be OK at Kimama?
Yes, of course they will be! Our camps are international and are run entirely in English and Hebrew. By the end of the summer, every camper speaks or understands a little bit of both.

Are there different activities for each age group?
Yes. Our program is designed so that campers experience a variety of activities that we offer. Campers can participate in leading our Kabalat Shabbat service. As campers grow and continue to return to Kimama, they get to participate in activities created for their age group, which they did not take part in before. The educational topics we deal with are different for each age group as well.

My camper is going to a Kimama two-week camp, how many hours of the chosen track will the campers participate in?
Campers attending Michmoret or Galim camp will have the chance to try out a specialty track. The campers will enjoy approximately 5 sessions of their chosen tracks throughout their two weeks.

Is Camp Kimama certified by the Ministry of Education & Sports?
Yes! Camp Kimama is certified by the Ministry of Education & Sports in Israel. We are routinely inspected by the national supervisor for safety and security, who reviews our compliance with over 500 procedures and regulations of the state of Israel.

Do the campers get any free time?
Every day at camp is filled with a wide variety of activities. However, we do believe it is important for our campers to have some free time each day to spend with their friends. On most days, campers have approximately two hours of free time with additional time on Shabbat.

Are there times when everyone at the camp are together?
Yes. Most of our meals are held together in the dining hall. In addition, some special activities also invite the entire camp to participate in them together.

What is the food like at camp?
We serve three nutritious kosher meals each day. We also have a salad bar at all of our meals to ensure that campers have fresh vegetables available. Campers are given snacks throughout the day too.

Do you make provisions for special diets?
We do our best to accommodate special dietary needs. We serve vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options at each meal upon prior request. Please make sure to state in your online registration forms your camper’s specific dietary needs.

What do camper rooms look like?
Camper rooms are separated into buildings according to their age groups. The rooms are separated by gender and accommodate 3-5 campers depending on the building and campsite. Counselors sleep in the same buildings (not in the same rooms as campers) and are on call 24/7 to assist campers. Each room is equipped with a shower, toilet and sink. In addition, campers rooms include air conditioning and storage space for each camper’s belongings.

Who ensures that my camper keeps him/herself and their belongings clean?
Each day, participants are required to tidy their rooms and to ensure cleanliness in their living areas. Bathrooms are cleaned once a day, except on Friday and Shabbat.

Does the camp have an onsite medic?
All our camps have an onsite medical center with a 24/7 medic onsite. Campers requiring additional medical attention are able to see local doctors and nurses. Israeli campers are covered under their Kupat Holim and are required to bring their Medical card with them to camp. International campers are covered by Harel Insurance.

What if my camper misses home?
Homesickness is common, even among older campers. Many participants get home sick for the first few days. The staff makes sure to build group activities for campers to get to know each other and get comfortable in their new environment. Most campers get used to camp and make friends within the first 24 hours. If there is an extreme case of homesickness, we inform the parents and deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

How can I get in touch with my camper?
Parents may send messages to their teens via the camp email. For your camps, email address please see the Contact Information page. The use of mobile devices / PCs / tablets, etc. at Camp Kimama is not allowed. Devices that are brought to camp will be kept securely in camp office.

How can I see photos, images and get updates of what is happening at camp?
Every day, we will send a daily update with links to the camp’s photo galleries to your personal E-mail; we take hundreds of photos every day, and upload them to our Facebook page.

How can my camper get to camp?
Parents drop their campers off at camp on opening day in the morning and pick them up on closing day in the afternoon*. This is a good opportunity for parents to meet our staff.

For our International campers only, Kimama also run airport shuttles twice a day on opening day and once a day on closing day to and from Ben Gurion Airport. International campers that are not able to use the shuttles can register for our VIP airport service for an additional fee.

*Exact hours of camps opening and closing times will be sent to you individually as times may differ between camps

What if my camper is flying as an unaccompanied minor?
International campers using our airport shuttles or VIP service please notify our customer service team if your child will be travelling as an officially designated “unaccompanied minor” with your airline. We will provide you with the information of the counselor who will be assisting your camper at check in and check out. This information will be required by the airline. It is the responsibility of the parent to arrange payment of the “unaccompanied minor” fee directly with the airline for both arrival and departure.