Contact Information for Registered Campers

In order to keep the special essence of Kimama going throughout your campers stay with us, Kimama believes that camp should be a screen free environment. Therefore, Kimama has a number of ways that you can keep updated with what is going on at camp.

1. Camp Photos: Each camp has a camp photographer who is constantly taking photos of of campers throughout the day. Each day these photos are uploaded to our Kimama Facebook albums for you to browse through and get a glimpse of camp life. Click here for albums.

2. Daily Emails: Once a day parents will receive an email from their camp director with links to the days photos for each tribe.

3. Parent Emails: You are able to send your campers emails whilst they are with us. Please note that your campers are unable to reply to you. In order to send your camper an email, send it your camp office email address (below) and state in the subject line: Name of camp, campers full name, campers grade. Please note emails that arrive by 12 noon will be given to the camper on the same day, emails after this time will be given the following day.

4. Camp Offices: Our camp offices are open daily from 9am – 9pm (Israel time) for all queries and information you may need.

Head Office (Registration and General Inquiries)
9am – 6pm (Israel)
Phone: +972-9500544 – ext: 1

Michmoret Office (Open from July 2019)
9am – 9pm (Israel)
Phone: +972-9500544 – ext: 3

Galim Office (Open from July 2019)
9am – 9pm (Israel)
Phone: +972-9500544 – ext: 2

Hof Office (Open from July 2019)
9am – 9pm (Israel)
Phone: +972-9500544 – ext: 4