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Meet Camp Kimama-Galim Director!

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We are proud to introduce our newly appointed Camp Director, Shai Resnick.

In her own words:

I am 30 years old. I grew up in Manof, a small community north of Haifa. I hold a B.A. in Social Work from the Academic and Technology College of Tel -Hai. I am a big believer in education and the love of humanity, and have always been involved in informal education. In recent years, I have been working with youth in Israel’s social geographical periphery. I joined Kimama in the Summer of 2013 and since then have worked in a variety of roles, from a counselor, to a lead coordinator to director of programming. Last summer I was the camp director of our first summer camp in NY. I strive to drive change through education. To experience new things every day that make learn and grow, and most importantly to enjoy the journey!

In this upcoming summer, I plan to work hard in order to create an unforgettable experience for our campers!


Notes From My Visit To America // Deddy Paz

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March 2018.
Last month I turned 40. Though I had four whole decades to prepare, it caught me by somewhat of a surprise. That number made me think back and reflect on my life. A two-week trip to the US turned out to be just what I needed. Fifteen years after we founded Kimama, I was going on a work trip to meet my good friend Avishay, Kimama’s current CEO. Read More


Keeping Our Kids Safe // Enon Landenberg

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Parents, do you really know what your children are up to? Do you know where they are or who they might be texting?
Maybe you think you do – but you do not.

As parents, we are constantly exposed to news about the dangers that threaten our children in the digital age. Shaming, verbal and physical violence, and shunning are just a few of the many phenomenons that can harm our children at school or in their free time. New research is published daily, warning us about the dangers of excessive mobile phone use and the ways in which it affects our children.
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